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International Cooperation

All university departments carry out a large amount of work to establish their authority in the international education market.

Prorector of International cooperation A. Shimkevich, economist, speaks English and Spainish languages.
(Tel.: +7(095)261-10-69, Fax +7(095)261-95-45, E-mail: interdep@guz.ru)

In December 2003 the rector became a laureate of a newly created honoroble award the "Napoleon Medal"
2001. The Society for the Promotion of National Industry in France recognized the dynamics of and awarded the university a gold medal for its achievements in education.

2002. The international and analytical rating program "The Golden Ingot," headed by the Higher Geneva Institute of Business and Management, awarded The Moscow State University of Land Management this prestigious award for its achievements.

Directions of International Working Relationships:


1. Participation in international, educational, and research, projects.
The Moscow State University of Land Management (MSULM) participates in a number of international education projects, working with various famous international organizations such as: the TACIS (Tempus) project, LARIS, and GERMES etc.
These working projects are being carried out in our specialised digital cartography and photogrammeterie laboratories and in our automisation of land-cadastre classes using specially imported equipment
We are currently working on a new generation of post-graduate courses within the Tempus-3 framework (Tempus-3 is an educational and scientific project). This work is being carried out at the Moscow State University of Land Management.

2. Participation in various programmes, in the field of land management and cadastre.

The Moscow State University of Land Management plays an active role in working with the International Federation of Geodesists, in international programs in the field of land management and cadastre (FIG) (commission no: 2) (education) and commission no: 7 (land management and ground/land cadastre). The Rector of the Moscow State University of Land Management, Mr. Sergey Nikoleavich Volkov, is the permanent official delegate of both these commissions. The professors of this university have undertaken to participate actively in the preparation of theoretical materials of the commissions, participating in international conferences, symposiums, and seminars under aegis of the International Federation of Geodesists.

3. Joint activities with foreign higher education institutions to train and improve the qualifications of university stuff involved in scientific research.

Since 1997 the state University of Land Management has placed post-graduate students on the "Master of Land Management" programme at the Stockholm Royal Polytechnic Institute in Sweden. The programme is conducted at the Swedish Institute ant students are expected to write a dissertation. Successful candidates are awarded a Master`s Degree in Land Management by the Stockholm Royal Polytechnic Institute.

Visiting the Moscow State University of Land Management by delegation from the USA universities.

4. Participation of professors, teachers, and students of the university in overseas training.

University scientists may undergo training at institutions in the following countries: France, Italy, USA, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Mexico, Switzerland, China, Netherlands, and Belgium etc. The State University of Land Management has signed agreements with institutions in these countries.
Co-operation with German educational institutions is being actively developed. Since the programme`s inception in 2000 some 20 under-graduates and post-graduates have studied in Germany. Along with the University of Applied Sciences in Anhalt we have developed new forms of joint programmes. Upon completion of the programme successful candidates are awarded a degree from a Russian and a German university.

The title page of the agreement between the Moscow State University of Land Management and Saint-Etienne School of Management (France) for the creation of a "Master of Business Administration" Program".

Discussion of the joint programme with the Anhalt University of Applied sciences. From left to right: V.I. Nilipovsky (Director of International Projects), A.A.Shimkevich (Vice-Rector of International communications), G. Zaital (Dean of the Faculty of Economics), I.Schmidt (Deputy to the Dean of the Fuculty of Economics).

The President of Trade Chamber
Mr. Andre Laurent and rector of MSULM, professor S. Volkov are signing the agreement of cooperation.

5. Co-operation with overseas companies and the incorporation of modern technology and equipment in the education process.

Well-known geodetic companies - Carl-Seitz (Germany), Geodimeter (Sweden) and Auschtek (USA) which develope and produce geodetic equipment have opened representative offices at the university since 1998.
Visit to MSULM by German delegation to discuss developing co-operation.

6. Distance learning programmes.

Following the Memorandum of co-operation in distance learning signed by Russia and the USA, both parties regularly exchange delegations which include participants from the MSULM. At present the main areas of negotiation are: the possibility of training technical personnel in the USA, conducting regular technical seminars in Moscow, students studying for American Land Management Masters degrees and the organization of traineeships for university lecturers.

7. Work with overseas students

The University has a policy of attracting overseas under-graduate and post-graduate students.
We are currently teaching students from 20 countries. The University International Department staff regularly take part in international education symposiums, congresses and exhibitions not to mention entering into contracts with overseas education institutions. Overseas students coming to study at the university undergo courses in the Russian language.

8. Who are we interested in working with in the future?

The question of national nature parks and reserves is a promising and interesting one as an area of research. It may considered from different viewpoints:
  • Economics and management
  • Land management
  • History and law
  • Architecture and landscape
  • Ecology and economics


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