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Greeting of the Rector

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Greeting of the Rector

Dear colleagues and friends!


In May 2004, one of the oldest higher educational establishments of Russia, The State University of Land Management celebrated its two hundred and twenty-fifth anniversary.
The University was founded in 1779 with the sole purpose of educating personnel in the maintenance of land reform in Russia, large-scale on land surveying along the grounds and the organization of their rational use. It was during this period that it was realised that the correct utilization of land would have far-reaching political, social, and economic implications for the formation of the territory of the Russian state both in securing borders and in the establishment of property rights.
Our preparation for this significant event sets one to thinking about nurturing our status as the only land management and cadastre centre of methodology and science in Russia
As a result our university has established what we call our "University complex", which includes 22 education, research and production institutions. This has allowed us to merge the educational process with the latest scientific and technological achievements and to successfully incorporate them into the educational process using the latest methods.

S.N. Volkov,
Honor Scientist of the Russian Federation,
MOAU Academician,
Corresponding member of RAAS, Professor, D.E.


The demands of our graduates have become the main reason for opening departments and faculties in other institutions of higher education in Russia. More than 62 such institutions have been incorporated into this system and are now operating under the aegis of the university and the Educational Methodological Assosiation of Higher Education Institutions in the areas of land management and cadastre in Russia.
The versatile and serious work of this university has afforded us the ability to establish and maintain professional working, ties with other universities from many countries around the world. Today, we enjoy working with our colleagues from universities in the USA, Canada, Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, China, Vietnam, Mongolia, The Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria and other foreign countries. We are actively participating in many unique and interesting projects with these universities. All departments of the university have carried out a great deal work in establishing authority within the international education market.
2001. The Society for the Promotion of National Industry in France recognized the dynamics of and awarded the university a gold medal for its achievements in education.

In December 2003 the university became a laureate of a newly created honoroble award the "Napoleon`s Medal"

2002. The international, and analytical rating program "The Golden Ingot," headed by the Higher Geneva Institute of Business and Management, awarded The Moscow State University of Land and Development, this prestigious award, for their achievements in this working enterprise.


Such prestigious international awards, our status as one of the oldest educational establishments in Russia and our forthcoming anniversary both forces and encourages us to reflect seriously on our role and position in the educational process in the third millenium.
Within the last two centuries science and engineering technologies, have achieved such impressive results influencing all facets of life, and indeed are the driving force in the evolution of civilization.
The century of business and commerce has had a significant influence on the thoughts and feelings of the individual.
Due to the opportunities presented by electronic means of communication the world has become far more accessible and visible to people. The world has achieved the kind of globalisation that was previously hindered by the slowness of communication. However, closer ties with and interdependence on each other do not come without a price. The world community requires spiritual solidarity so that local conflicts do not become global.
Land, and the care thereof, is a means of communication between states and nations, social layers and sections of the population around which it is possible to create constructive dialogue and plans for the future. This dialogue has been called upon to enhance feelings, in the sudent body, of responsibility and patriotism both for one`s native country and for the planet and all its inhabitants. With this in mind we have begun to work actively with the UN and UNESCO. We hope that our co-operation will be fruitful.
Allowing for these uneasy realities, the educational process and the training of future specialists is being developed. A lot of attention is being directed to modern global problems and a special place has been allocated to the issue of sustainable growth of land yields.
Our university has been careful in maintaining its high national tradition by producing not only professional and highly qualified graduates but sincere servants of the Russian state; patriots who consider their profession to be a spiritual calling ever reminding them of their responsibilities before the future.


Since 1886 the university has recieved notable honours and awards: gold and silver academic medals and the Honorary Constantine medal of the 3rd degree.
These medals are awarded to honorary professors of the university who have made a significant contribution to the development of land management education and the continuance of our traditions.


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